Club Du Val membership tiers are named for the Three Graces, Joy, Mirth and Splendor, who have adorned our label since our founding in 1972. In Greek mythology, the Three Graces were said to preside over Olympian banquets and celebrations, spreading good cheer and raising a glass to prosperity, happiness, health and good fortune for all.

They are the joyful muses behind Clos Du Valís ĎVindependence Movementí through which we seek to inspire others to remain as we have: steadfast in our principles and fiercely committed to doing what we feel is right in spite of the opinion of others. Further, they represent the spirit of Club Du Val and the belief that fine wine, food and friends are lifeís grandest treasures.

Our entry-level wine club designed to fit even the tightest of budgets. Life is, after all, too short to drink cheap wine but life does have its limits!

CLUB Mirth
Club Mirth members will receive a broad selection of new releases, Winemaker Signature Series, Flagship and Reserve red & white wines.

CLUB Splendor
Splendor members receive a premium selection made up of exclusively red wine varietals from our award-winning vineyards including new releases, Winemaker Signature Series, Flagship and Reserve wines.

CLUB Dusty Bottle
Join the waiting list to become part of Club Du Valís top-of-the-line wine club, crafted exclusively for true wine enthusiasts. Dusty Bottle Club members will receive highly limited and gracefully aged wines from our celebrated library collection.