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Shannon Muracchioli, Director of DTC & Marketing
July 31, 2018 | Our Story | Shannon Muracchioli, Director of DTC & Marketing

It’s Personal . . .

Have you ever spent countless moments, insanely short days, and sleepless nights absolutely, positively obsessing over something you love doing? When conscience and subconscious blur their lines and you find yourself wondering if a particular train of thought was something you actually voiced or simply dreamed about?

Our guests and members of Clos Du Val are my total obsession.

I am incredibly lucky to play a part and actively contribute to a proudly owned family winery with a deeply rich history. It’s not only the realization of how many hands, hard work, sweat, tears, laughter, successes and failures have played in part in our story prior to me, but the genuine desire to include each and every one of you in it. To get to know you, to hear you, and to raise a glass with you. To ensure that Clos Du Val always feels a bit like home and makes your life better . . . if even in the smallest way.  

So, after 46 years, for the first time we’re putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys!) and journaling so that you have the opportunity to be intimately involved with what we’re up to. . . A chance for you to meet the people behind the brand. After all, producing some of the world’s best Cabernet wouldn’t be any fun at all if at the end of day, we couldn’t share those wines with both old friends and new.

As a family owned business, the Clos Du Val team really considers each other as an extension of our very own families. And as with all families, you begin to learn little things about each other that others may not know. So, with that, I thought it would be fun to take an opportunity in this first journal entry to introduce you to the cast of characters that will regularly be contributing here, share a little bit about myself, as well some things that I’ve learned to absolutely adore about these people I not only call my colleagues but my friends.


My name: Shannon Muracchioli, Director of DTC & Marketing
First wine ever tasted: Paso Robles Zinfandel being made by a fellow viniculture student, tasted straight out of the bucket it was “aging” in!
Tid-bits: Growing up, both of my parents were in retail management and my dad was fantastic at opening up new stores. Because of that, we moved a LOT and everyone assumed I was a military kid. I went to five different elementary schools and became a master at winning new friends over quickly with a smile and a confident hand shake. Looking back, I think it was that experience that sparked my love in meeting new people and ultimately made hospitality a really nice fit as a career. A few other little tid-bits . . . I wear my husband’s old overalls at home like most would wear sweats, and when I find a white wine I just can’t get on board with, I’m quick to grab a bottle of Campari and a lemon twist to whip up a spritz!



Name: Steve Tamburelli, President & CEO
First wine ever tasted:
A Carlo Rossi Red, nonvintage, consumed directly from the 4L bottle
Tid-bits about Steve: While I’ve always had an enormous admiration for Clos Du Val, it was meeting Steve and being inspired by him that ultimately led me to join this family. More than just an admired leader within the wine industry, Steve is incredibly thoughtful, creative, and cares deeply about this winery and its team. He’s a sucker for nearly every sports game, so it makes sense to me that he seems to looks at each challenge with optimism and a confidence that with enough hard work, we’ll hit the home runs necessary.


Name: Ted Henry, Winemaker
First wine ever tasted:
Beringer White Zinfandel, straight from the bottle
Tid-bits about Ted: Outside of making stunning wines, Ted is hands down the most humble and fantastic winemaker I have ever had the pleasure working with. Ted goes above and beyond and will bend over backwards to help anyone that needs help and is incredibly passionate about his craft. Outside of a wine collection, you’ll find a collection of hot sauces, different espresso options and some tequila (Ted’s favorite spirit) lining some of office shelves.


Name: Jon-Mark Chappellet, Director of Operations
First wine ever tasted:
Apparently the classier one of the group, Jon-Mark’s first wine was from his parent’s cellar . . . a huge benefit of being raised by the Chappellet family!
Tid-bits about Jon-Mark: There are few people that can carry huge responsibilities with - what appears to be - complete ease, but Jon-Mark (aka JM), is absolutely one of those people. It’s hard not to find a smile on his face and a lightness in his step. Speaking of his step . . . the guy typically doesn’t walk anywhere around the winery; he runs! We always know when Jon-Mark is about to join as meeting as you can hear him bolting up the stairs or down the hall. He’s also a total push-over when it comes to sweets. Regardless of how full he may be or what plan he has to lay-off sugar, if you tempt him with something delicious, his walls will come tumbling down and happiness earned by sinking his teeth into the forbidden.


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