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Shannon Muracchioli, Director of DTC & Marketing
October 23, 2018 | Misc. | Shannon Muracchioli, Director of DTC & Marketing

Reflecting on Harvest and the Somm III World Premiere at Clos Du Val

While September and October are traditionally always a very busy month for wine country, this year proved itself to be quite a doozy. Between the opening of our beautiful new space, the Hirondelle House (come visit us!), harvest coming in later than it has in recent years, and a jam-packed event calendar, things were definitely rocking and rolling, leaving little time to reflect on all of the amazing moments we’ve experienced over the last few weeks; one of those being Clos Du Val’s hosting of the World Premiere of Somm III.

There are only a handful of moments in my career when things happen so seamlessly that it’s hard not to believe that serendipity does in fact have a chair at the table of life. Clos Du Val’s appearance in the film, connecting with Director Jason Wise, and then getting down to business and pulling together a filming – something I’ve never before done – was nothing short of a miracle. As Steve noted in a previous journal post, if it wasn’t for our entire team working hard to make this happen, it wouldn’t have come off as seamlessly as it did. Jason Wise and the incredible team behind the making of the film were also brilliant to partner with and some of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

While I could go on and on about the evening as well as dive into how much I enjoyed the film itself, the images below do a much better job painting a picture than I ever could with words alone. I can’t wait for everyone to experience this film and the obvious passion behind its making.  

somm film at clos du val

The Somm III crew and friends celebrating the priemere of the film at Clos Du Val.

Jason Wise of Somm films

A big congrats to Jason Wise - another wonderful Somm film in the books!

clos du val ceo

Our Clos Du Val CEO, Steve Tamburelli, enjoying our new Hirondelle House during the event.

clos du val wine

I must say, we opened some great bottles that night, including these 1979 Reserve Cabernets. 

A big thank you to Hemlock House Photography for the gorgeous event photos! Such a night to remember.



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