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Clos Du Val is proud of its philanthropic efforts throughout Napa Valley and the greater community. 


As part of our efforts, we run a program called “Adopt-A-Charity”, which allows employees to nominate a local non-profit to sponsor for a charity drive.  Our Philanthropy Committee reviews all suggestions and ultimately selects six charities for any given year.  For a two-month period each, Clos Du Val employees will collect and donate essential items on the selected charity’s behalf. 

Our recent charities of choice include Napa Valley Food Bank, North Bay Teacher Resource Center, River Ranch Farmworkers’ Center and Napa Humane.


Along with in-kind donations from employees, Clos Du Val equally strives to create an environment that encourages employee involvement and volunteerism, and building a workforce of women and men who understand the value of giving back.   In support of that, we started our “1-to-1” Program, which allows Clos Du Val employees to donate anywhere from 1 day up to 1% of their annual hours worked to a qualified charity of their choice (roughly 8 to 20 hours per employee per year). 

Clos Du Val employees are paid for their volunteer time, alleviating any financial impact on our employees while allowing a non-profit of the employee’s choice to reap the benefit of a day (or more) of active volunteer work.

Contact Us

If your organization is interested in becoming a charity of choice in our programs, or if you’re requesting a donation, please contact for additional information.

Please keep in mind that a high number of requests are received for donations each year and as much as we would like to support every deserving charitable request, we must limit ourselves to a smaller number of charities that we can successfully and meaningfully support.