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34 Vintages, Still Growing – Enrique Rodriguez

This week, we caught up with Enrique Rodriguez, who has been with us for 34 of our 50 years as a winery. First joining Clos du Val as a vineyard worker in 1987, Enrique has continually taken any opportunity to learn more and level-up his skills.  

In December 2021, Enrique was promoted to the position of Cellar Master of Clos du Val, overseeing day-to-day winemaking and packaging operations. He’s a true leader both inside and outside the cellar, where his smile and calm demeanor are equally contagious.  

As for what keeps him coming back year after year to Clos du Val, it comes down to the people: 

I’m still here at the winery because I love the way the Goelet family treats the people here. I’ve been here many, many years – 34 years since I started – and they treat us as a family. So you know, I could go somewhere else with my skills, another winery, but I really love the way they treat the people here.  

Enrique is a vital part of our team and family, and we can’t wait to continue to watch him grow in this new role. 

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