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Hey there, buds!

Remember a few weeks ago, when we were checking up on the soil moisture levels  in our Hirondelle Vineyard to make sure the vines had enough water and nutrients to produce new leaf growth?  

Well, just as we suspected, the vines are off to a great start this spring. Bud break (the moment when the dormant vines start pushing out new leaf growth) has officially arrived to the Hirondelle Vineyard this week, marking what many consider the official start of the growing season.  

The vines are currently using the winter reserves of energy and nutrients in their roots to propel new leaf growth, which will soon allow the vine to produce its own energy through photosynthesis. Next, we’ll be keeping an eye on flowering and fruit set, which are the phases of the growing season that will give us the first glimpses of the fruit that we’ll harvest this fall.  

There’s a long way to go between now and harvest, but so far things are looking good here in the Stags Leap District. Let the 2022 vintage begin!  

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