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Barrel Tasting with Carmel

It’s no secret that winemaking is a hands-on process, but these last few weeks, we’ve been watching in awe (and maybe just a little jealousy) as our winemaker, Carmel Greenberg, tastes each and every barrel of our young 2021 wines.  

During this time of the year, Carmel sometimes tastes upwards of 100 barrels per day, checking for quality and sorting out any lots that won’t make the cut. This week, we caught up with her as she tasted some of the last lots from our Hirondelle Vineyard, which is just steps from our cellar doors.  

After Carmel has completed barrel tastings, the approved lots will be racked and blended, the barrels will be washed, and the blended wine will go back into barrel for another long rest.  

That doesn’t mean it will be quiet in our cellar, though – stay tuned for more updates from Carmel and the rest of the winemaking team as they bring our 2021 vintage to fruition (pun intended).

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